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Mike Sexton

Mike Sexton is a 20 year Marine Corps veteran retiring in 1992 as a Chief Warrant Officer.  Since retiring Mike became a competitive shooter competing in IDPA, USPSA, and 3 Gun for over 20 years. Mike has also attended numerous military and civilian training academies. He is a certified NRA firearms instructor teaching pistol, rifle, and shotgun courses in both competition and personal defense for 18 years. Mike is currently the Range Master for the 3 Gun Nation Regional events and the Match Director for the Upstate 3 Gun matches. Mike’s sponsors includes Adams Arms, HIPERFIRE, TRU-SPEC, Lucas Oil, Pure Gold shotgun chokes, Fort Mill Munitions, NAT, Lazerwerks, Leadstar arms, Steiner optics, GetNGrip, Stage Zero shooting supply, Allen Arms Indoor Range, and VOODOO Innovations.

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Chad Drewery

Chad is an US Army veteran with various State & Regional Division Championships to his name, a USPSA Master in Limited Division, an NCDOJ Instructor, NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, and a former 3GN Pro Series competitor.

Chad began shooting USPSA shortly after leaving the Army in 1998, quickly attaining Master classification in Limited Pistol, and transitioned to 3-Gun in 2007, which due to its dynamic nature, dynamic stage design, and inherent increase in difficulty and challenge – allowed Chad to draw from experiences in practical pistol and rifle training in the Army.


Dean DeTurk

Dean has been high school history teacher for 20 years was born and raised in a small town in Southwestern PA.  He has been married for 17 years and has two young boys who enjoy going to the range with him as well as hunting and fishing.  Growing up he was involved in multiple sports and has always enjoyed the competition and challenge involved in physical activities.  Playing golf,wrestling, and pole vaulting in high school then Ice Hockey in college.  After college he continued to compete playing ice hockey and racing motocross.  He grew up hunting and target shooting, but didn’t start competing until his mid 30’s when introduced to USPSA at a local range by another shooter.   After attaining his Master classification in USPSA in production and Single Stack, he shot his first 3 Gun match the DPMS TRI-Gun Challenge.  After that first three gun match he began to focus on 3 gun but will still shoot an occasional pistol match.  
Being a teacher it was a natural path for him to start teaching NRA classes, competition shooting classes as well as instructing at the MGM Junior camp and now helps with the 2A Heritage camps as well.  Teaching is one thing he enjoys most about being involved in the sport, as he feels helping the sport grow is also a big part in promoting the 2nd Amendment and protecting our gun rights.  He works at a Gun Shop part-time and is always willing to help other shooters at a match if they have trouble with a firearm.  He has always believed in hard work and believes the harder you work more rewards you will see.

Jared Lamb

It all started about 3 years ago when my friend invited me to go to what was then Allen Arms, now City Arsenal. I’ve hunted ever since I could walk but pistol shooting was fairly new to me and it was also my first time to a public range. One of the regulars at the range, Chris Baird, same that I was a “diamond in the rough” so he invited me to do a 9 week safety class in order to join a rifle shooting team. Once I completed the class I joined the Palmetto Copperheads Junior Shooting Team. We practiced every Thursday night for free thanks to amazing sponsors and I quickly became rose to the top of my class by shooting the first clean target (which means they were all in the ten ring). During all of this, Chris was starting to train me with pistol shooting.  He frequently invited me to matches (which he still does) which helped me start and get into the tight knit community of the shooting sports. I actually shot my first AR-15 at one of the competitions he invited me too. The next big shift in my shooting ambitions was when I went to the 2A Junior 3 Gun Camp at the Clinton House Plantation. There I trained for a week with fellow junior shooters as well as professionals such as Lena Miculek, Mike Sexton, Becky Yackley, Hunter Cayll and Tommy Thacker. I learned from other juniors how to get sponsors so as soon as I got back home I started emailing different companies. I quickly started gaining sponsorships and here I am with the most recent, North American Trade. This was definitely the most needed out of all of my sponsorships because I pay for my own ammo. These guys help me out a lot, even hooking me up with Alpha Tech, they’re building me a custom 2011 pistol. I can’t thank Tommy Thompson of Janed Enterprises enough for getting me in touch with these guys!